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Pat Farmer sent this big THANK YOU to the people of our Church. Some of you have seen it, but thought everyone should have the opportunity, since we helped send kids to camp by supporting thru lawn mowing, the auction & talent show held by Young Life.

THANK YOU.....Can I just THANK YOU! Thank you for your hearts for Christ, thank you for your hearts for students, and thank you for believing in a broken system that is striving to help point our Monte high school students to know Jesus.

Camp can be summarized in Darren's story. Darren is a graduating senior and was searching. Darren ran away from home on the Sunday before we left for camp and took off for Portland. He had a partial scholarship to come with us, but unless he got on the bus, it was all for not. Darren's parents were looking for him trying to track him down, asking for help to find him. Darren finally responded to his parents pursuit of him and decided to come home. Anna, one of our YL leaders, called his parents and encouraged his parents to still help him come to camp. His parents weren't sure it was the best, but trusted Anna. They helped Darren come up with the remaining funds and got him on the bus. By Tuesday at camp, Darren came up to me and gave me a big hug and said, "Pat, thank you so much for Young Life, this has been the best week of my life." The very next night there was a fifteen minute camp silence to think and talk to God, for many of the students it was their very first time. Darren had his first conversation with Jesus that night and decided to give up his old ways of doing things and decided to follow Jesus. Since coming home, Darren was invited to go to church with one of his leaders and he brought a buddy, Craig, with him. The funny thing is that Darren's parents saw a significant change in him as well. His parents were so surprised by the change in him they asked if they could come along with him to church on Sunday! Darren, a little embarrassed, said, "You know, let me go check it out, and if I like it, you can come next week!" I can tell you that he liked church and is going to a youth group tonight. SO COOL!

Darren is a different person. Thank you for believing in the power of Jesus in lost, searching, and hurting kids. You are incredible people, and I am so grateful to be a partner in the ministry with you. Thank you so much.

Pat Farmer

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Pat Farmer
Area Director of Grays Harbor
504 South F Street, Aberdeen WA 98520

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