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Worship Leaders

Sep 06 John Gillespie
Sep 13 Sheena Wilson
Sep 20 Penny Woodruff
Sep 27 Bill Lay
Oct 04 Linda Taylor
Oct 11 John Gillespie
Oct 18 Sheena Wilson
Oct 25 Penny Woodruff




Sep 06 Newbill Family
Sep 13 Kaivo-Houlton Family
Sep 20 Trevor & Lisa Bullington
Sep 27 Write Family
Oct 04 Karen Houghes/Royce
Oct 11 Louise & Russ Simmelink
Oct 18 Deb Chambers & Dondra Newbil
Oct 25 Jeannie Grenon & Pat Willlis



Worship Leaders: If you are unable to keep your scheduled time, please find a replacement. PLEASE don't forget to call the office or write the change on the bulletin board located on the office door. Thank you.


A great big "Thank You" to all who act as Greeters, for being willing to serve in this way. Your faithfulness in being a welcoming face to all that come in the door of the Church is a blessing.

The new Family Corner is meeting a need for young families, so they can participate in the service. If a family with toddlers comes in, it would be helpful to point that area out to them, making sure they know this is an option, only. Another option to point out to new families, is the nursery that is available for children through five years old. It would also be helpful to show the families busy-bags, to be used if they wish.

Some other duties of greeters that are much appreciated are:

  1. Tearing the day's pages out of the pew pad and placing them in Susan's box.
  2. Writing the count of attendance for your Sunday on the sheet under the guest book.
  3. Placing a fresh glass of water on the pulpit for Pastor Steve.

God bless you for your service to Him at Monte Presbyterian.


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