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Session meets the second Thursday evening of each month at 7 p.m. After an opening prayer and devotion, the Elders spend time in prayer remembering people of the congregation and concerns of the church in general. Correspondence is read and information from Olympia Presbytery is shared.

The financial report for the previous month is discussed by line item, compared to the adopted budget, and must be approved by the session.

Committee chairpersons present their reports and requests. Committees have a budget, but larger expenses, new ideas, and plans are generally brought to a vote. One committee’s activities can place a responsibility on another committee, so schedules can be worked out.

New and Old business is addressed. Because most business comes through committees, these new items are discussed, settled, or sent to a committee.


Every organization and activity (Life Groups, Presbyterian Women, Sunday School, social gatherings, coffee hours, newsletter, worship services, prayer groups, Bible studies, Festival of Lights etc. etc, etc.) is overseen by one of the committees. The Stewardship Committee, responsible for financial and personnel matters, serve as Trustees of the church. Committees are made up of anyone who desires to serve in a particular area. Serving on a committee is being part of the process. If you would like to join a committee, share an idea or have a request, here are the chairpersons you need to contact:


Art Oestreich & Linda Anderson

Christian Education

Lori Minzey & Lisa Ulakovich

Mission & Outreach

Jim Dameron, Linda Taylor & Jim Leggett

Congregational Life

Sammie Dameron & Art Tanner


Properties - John Gillespie

Finance - Bob Meier & Gerrilyn Lindley



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