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God's Word encourages us to show deference to one another out of reverence for Christ. One of the ways we can honor our brothers and sisters and Jesus Christ is to refrain from using scented colognes, aftershaves, and perfumes on Sunday in the confines of the Sanctuary. We have brothers and sisters with allergies who suffer in worship when exposed to strong scents.


Beautiful Accountable Babes Exercising Sensibly.

The mission of BABES is "connecting with others to lose weight and build fiendships." Accountability, Exercising, Connecting with others.

"We are not into sin and judgement. God wants balance and it's more than the size that you are."

Complete weekly workbook assignment
Attend weekly class
Lose or maintain weight
Exercise 3-5 hours weekly
The Bible and prayer are a part of this
program form women of all ages.

Join us! Bring a friend!

Linda Anderson & Sharon Royce

CONTACT INFORMATION....For those new to the church, please take a moment when you are in worship to fill out the Membership Information sheet that can be found in the pew pads. You don't have to be an official member of the church to fill this out. This information is used for newsletter mailings, e-mail updates etc.

If you have already filled out a form but have changed your address, phone number or e-mail address, please be sure to let us know so that we can keep you updated on all the happenings here at Monte Pre


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