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Thank you to those who have volunteered to take our young disciples out during the worship service on Sundays. Please contact Peggy Gillespie (249-5601), if you have any questions or cannot take the children out on your scheduled Sunday. Also let Susan know (249-3845 or email: susanmontepres at hotmail dot com) so she can correct the information in the bulletin.

Church 4 Kids is suspended until September

Children's church is undergoing some changes. CHURCH 4 KIDS:

We'll be using The Story for Kids as our lesson material. It uses the NIV version and puts the stories of the Bible in chronological order.

Our goal is to give our kids a better understanding of God at work in the lives of Bible characters and to see God revealing His plan from the beginning, up until our lives today.

Our hope is to simplify presentation for the leaders. Jen Wright is putting together options for the lesson, as suggested by the accompanying CD.

You can be part of this ministry for children by talking to Jen or Peggy Gillespie.


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